Fiachra Forms LLC provides charting solutions for health care professionals. Our goal is to help our clients realize a faster way of documenting clinical care without needing expensive software.

Many agencies and solo practitioners face the burden of tedious, repetitive, and time consuming paperwork, and are looking for a way to automate the workflow. Fiachra Forms can provide the step to transition from paper to electronic form and data management, using the most popular, yet reasonably priced paper-to-digital software solutions available today.

Charting Solutions

Document Conversion & Form Design:
Fiachra Forms can assist you with designing solutions that solve the challenges to documenting clinical care. We can convert your documents into an exact replica of the original that is more efficient by using built-in forms automation.

Need a new form? We can also help you design any form, with several intelligent automation features built-in to streamline your work. Use our expertise to create the initial form, then apply your own internal resources to maintain and modify the form.

QuickStart Forms:
If you work with standard mental health documents (face sheet, treatment plans, progress notes, etc), our pre-designed electronic forms represent the best value. Start with just a few forms and expand as your need arises, with our assistance or on your own. QuickStart Forms are available for immediate use, starting as low as $19.

Complete Chart Automation:
If you are wanting a more comprehensive solution to maximize charting performance, we can add a customized database to extend your capabilities with FileMaker® applications, which can grow with the evolving needs of a solo provider or agency.