CMS 1500 PDF - Type, Print and Save on your computer.


•  Easy - Just type in the form fields using Adobe Reader. Has the “look and feel” of the CMS-1500.
•  Efficient - Create unlimited claims. Save & re-use your templates over and over.
•  Affordable - One-time purchase. Install on up to 2 computers such as home and office. 
Optional Form Calculations Automatically totals up all the charges for you. 

ICD-10 Ready! Now with Built-In ICD-10 Indicator

Simply put a "0" in the ICD indicator box and type in the ICD-10 Code below.

CMS 1500 PDF with ICD 10 Indicator

Print Options

Print Text Only - Put a Commercially Printed 1500 Paper Claim in the printer and choose Print Text Only from the menu. The form is aligned to place the text in the proper spaces.

Print Form and Text - In the menu choose Print All. This option will print the red form with typed text with the back page. Note: It may not be possible to replicate the form color (OCR Red) with your printer. We recommend sending a sample first, or print "Text Only" to ensure your claim is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions