OmniForm Mailable FillerĀ® by Nuance/ScanSoft

OmniForm 5.0The OmniForm Mailable Filler allows users to fill out forms without needing OmniForm 5.0 software installed.

The Mailable Filler creates both an executable file (.exe) and an HTML file, which enables forms to be distributed (via email or flash drive, for example) with a run-time Filler attached. Form data entered into the Mailable Filler can later be imported into the database in OmniForm 5.0 software if desired.

For WIndows & Internet Explorer Only

The Mailable Filler shares many capabilities of OmniForm 5.0, and is similar to Adobe Reader.

Fill form on computer X X *
Print form only X X X
Print form and data X X X
Grouped check boxes X X X
Save Form Data X X *
Active Hyperlinks X X X
Drop down choice list X X X
Calculations X X X
Field validation X X X
Field type (style) X X X
Help status bar X X X
Auto text sizing X X X
Email a form X X X
Electronic Signature X X X
Export single record X X X
Data import X   X
Spell check X   X
Database of records X    
Database lookup X    
Duplicate record X    
Export multiple records X    
Type ahead X    
Auto fill X    
OLE objects X    
Print data only X    
User Profiles X    
Client profiles X    

Features available in Adobe Reader only if enabled first using Adobe Acrobat.







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