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About Fiachra Forms LLC

Fiachra Forms is a training and consulting company that provides automated solutions for healthcare professionals in the Tucson and Phoenix Metropolitan areas. We provide document assembly and database software solutions that are easy to use, functional, inexpensive and comprehensive. We specialize in training, customization, integration and implementation assistance as well.

Dan Kimball, founder of Fiachra Forms, holds a Masters degree in counseling and is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been involved the behavioral health field for over twenty years, practicing in both large and small environments. During the last nine years of his career, Dan has set up a variety of computerized systems to automate access to specific behavioral definitions, treatment goals and objectives, therapeutic interventions, and the demographics of clients to improve clinical record keeping. Like other mental health professionals who struggle with large caseloads, he wanted a better way to efficiently manage the daily paperwork. In the process, he developed a strong interest in office automation technology that later led to the founding of Fiachra Forms. Dan’s background enables Fiachra Forms to provide consulting and training services based on his broad understanding of the practice needs of professionals in behavioral health and other healthcare settings.

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