The Uniform Bill (UB-04) is the standardized billing form for institutional services
CMS-1450 (UB-04) form is the industry standard for submitting institutional claims for inpatient and outpatient services.Printed UB-04The UB-04 is a uniform institutional billing claim form used by hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, rehabilitation centers, etc.UB-04 Facility / Institution  Billing



The UB 04 PDF Form Filler is ideal for completing the standard claim form used by institutional health care providers to bill for services.

  Type, Print & Save as PDF
Create unlimited claims/templates
 Prints Text Only on Pre-Printed Claim Forms
 Install on up to 2 Computers



Download UB-04 PDF immediately after purchase with Credit Card or PayPal account. Purchase of the UB-04 PDF entitles the user to perpetual use of the form, for an unlimited amount of time. The purchased files may not be shared, transferred or used by others.


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