Special Value: CMS 1500 Billing Package

If you submit a relatively low number of medical claims every month, or are just getting started with submitting claims, the Fiachra Forms Billing Package may be the perfect solution to save you time and money.

The Billing Package includes everything you need, beginning with the fillable CMS 1500 PDF, our most popular product.  The fillable PDF allows you to type, print, and save an unlimited number of claims; calculates your total dollars billed; and includes pop-up instructions for each field, to answer your basic questions.

The Billing Package also includes 200 commercially-printed red claim forms, so you can print directly into the forms from the PDF. While the Fiachra Forms fillable PDF can print both the red portions of the claim form and the black filled portions, it can also print ONLY the black filled portions of the form. There are a few reasons you might prefer to print ONLY the black text onto the original form:

  • The original form is double-sided, and both sides are required by payers. If you don't use the original form, you must either print your claim double-sided, or include a second page - which sometimes leads to claims being rejected.
  • The OCR scanners used by payers require a very specific shade of red. If your printer does not print an acceptable red, your claim may be rejected.

For these reasons, we have found that our customers appreciate having a bundle of original claim forms to get them started - and we have many repeat customers who come back to replenish their supply when their first set of forms gets low.

And finally, for a limited time, we are offering two additional items with the Billing Package:

  • A digital download of our 38 page "Guide to the CMS 1500," our hot-off-the-presses 2019 instruction manual for the form
  • Windowed envelopes (in a bundle of 100) designed to be used with the CMS 1500.

The Billing Package will save you time. It will ensure you have what you need to begin billing efficiently and accurately. And it will increase your odds of getting paid the first time you submit your claim.

Sneak Peek: What is inside "Your Guide to the CMS 1500"?

Watch this one-minute video to get a sneak peek at the Guide to the CMS 1500, which we are offering free for a limited time, with your purchase of the CMS 1500 Billing Package.