2019 Guide to the CMS 1500

Your Guide to the CMS 1500 Insurance Claim

If you are a small healthcare practitioner, you probably juggle a variety of roles to keep your small business running. You would like to spend more time creating value for your patients - but find yourself working evenings and possibly weekends wrestling with medical billing. The CMS 1500 may seem easy enough to complete - after all, it's just one page. But unless you are a professional biller, you can easily spend hours reading through conflicting and outdated instructions, and still find your claims are denied due to technical errors. 

After years of listening to our customers express frustration with the technical aspects of filling out the CMS 1500, we decided to do some heavy lifting on their behalf. We pulled together the latest information, explored the tips and tricks used by successful billers to avoid technical denials, and are now offering the 2019 issue of "Your Guide to the CMS 1500." The guide provides current step-by-step instructions for every field in the form, with correctly-filled examples.

If you would like to spend less time puzzling over medical billing, and more time creating value for your small practice, download your guide today and put your billing headaches behind you. 

CMS 1500 Software & Template

If you do not have your own claims management software, use the CMS 1500 PDF to follow along as you read through the guide. You can download the fully functioning demo here, or purchase Fiachra's Fillable PDF claim form, and for a one-time fee you can type, print and save as many filled claim forms as you need.


Sneak Peek: What's Inside "Your Guide to the CMS 1500"?