CMS 1500 User Guide – 2019 Edition


The 2019 edition of this essential instructional guide provides up-to-date guidelines for submitting health care claims using the CMS-1500, the universal healthcare claim form. The guide is written in clear, jargon-free language to make the billing process easier for you. It includes a brief overview of the CMS 1500, tips to help you avoid the most common billing errors, and step by step instructions for every field in the form with samples of correctly-filled boxes. The downloadable, 38-page PDF is formatted for print or digital use.


The new 2019 edition of “Your Guide to the CMS 1500” provides current instructions to help you avoid denied claims and get paid. Don’t risk using online instructions that are not up-to-date. We have done the heavy lifting for you, and answered our customers’ most-frequently-asked questions in this easy to use guide.

Upon purchase with Credit Card or PayPal, you will receive an immediate download of “Your Guide to the CMS 1500” (38 page PDF). The guide includes:

  • Detailed instructions for every field with examples of correctly-filled fields
  • Explanation of key insurance concepts and jargon
  • Tips to avoid common billing errors

Buy your guide today, and bill with confidence!

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